Versatility is the key to success!


Eagley Plastics are one of the UK’s leading PVC extru-sion companies who aim to continue this success as a profile lamination company. Eagley proved their dedica-tion to this mission by a strategic investment.

The recent installation of a NWA.700.7000 profile lami-nation machine from WPR/TAKA, the first (and only) wide machine of this kind in the UK, that allows to foil a wide range of products from small glass beads and window profiles up to large window-sills, cladding, door panels and garage doors.

Jason Beckett, General Manager of Eagley Plastics said

“It is the second machine we have bought from WPR. But with this versatile machine we are able to offer a wider product range and at the same time a better service and reduced lead times.”

WPR/TAKA is the only company in the world to combine state of the art foiling machinery with cutting edge PUR adhesives. They are represented in more than 25 coun-tries on 4 continents.

Eagley Plastics confirm that this resourceful NWA.700.7000 system is up to their high production standards and delivers excellent quality results

“We feel confident to do business with WPR/ TAKA since they manufacture the complete package of foiling technology: hot melt units, glue heads, lamination machines and adhesi-ves; this allows us to have one partner, who is responsible for all aspects of the foiling process” 

Added Mr Beckett