Veka Invest in Colour


VEKA Group is known as one of the leaders in PVC-U window profile ystems. They are always looking on how to improve and create better solutions for their clients.

As part of this strategy, they have recently acquired a WPR Single Legth profile lamination machine, the NWS.300.7000. This WPR system gives them more flexi- bility in production and better response to customer demands of more foiled profiles.

The NWS.300.7000 enables PVC-U profiles to be lamina- ted in a fast and efficicient way allowing VEKA the pro- duction of small runs of their 29 variations colours and woodgrains with a quick set up time and only one operator.

With this new acquisition, the number of WPR machines of VEKA in the UK goes to 4, this is the first NWS system purchased for the VEKA group. “

We see it as essential due to the growth of foiled profiles in the UK” added  Mr. Parry

WPR/TAKA is a trustworthy partner since they manu- facturers the entire heart of coating technology. Melt units, slot nozzles, profile wrappers and adhesives this means we have one manufacturer responsible for all aspects of the wrapping process; ensuring that the qua- lity of the finished product is guaranteed 360 degrees.

“We constantly strive to lead the market with investment, product development and technology, and this NWS is a key element to continue this path”


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