The advantages of flexible production


WPR Srl are always looking to meet our clients requirements and expectations. This is why we would like to congratulate our partners at Liniar on their latest acquisition from WPR, the NWS.300.12000 Profile Lamination machine.

Liniar needed a new lamina-tion machine to foil aluminium profiles for its Alumina door range, which has grown in volume since its 2017 launch. The NWS.300.12000 enables PVCu or aluminium profiles to be laminated in fast and effi-cient small production runs – ideal for the requirements of Alumina with its bespoke colour options. Thanks to a quick set-up, the NWS.300.12000 can be programmed and operated by a single person during production.

The innovative lamination process combines fast setting with excellent results in terms of quality and appearance – ensuring Alumina profiles perfectly match the PVCu profiles of Liniar windows. The NWS.300.12000 allows Liniar to respond to customer requirements by efficiently producing small quantities of laminated profile without the need to build large volumes of stock, and is an excellent addition for companies who already have traditional lamination lines or only need to produce small amounts of laminated profile.

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This is the fifth WPR lamination machine supplied to Liniar and we are sure this flexible machine will be an excellent addition to their state of the art lamination department!

Liniar’s Production Director Edward Webb commented:

“We choose WPR for our lamination machinery as the company is a market leader. The team is always responsive to our needs, and this installation was no different a technician was on site for four days to ensure everything was working perfectly.”