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Taka Srl is based in Northern Italy and is a company that employs highly skilled staff to manufacture the latest generation of polyurethane hot melt adhesives. In conjunction with the profile wrapping machinery company WPR they developed a range of adhesive and primers specifically for the lamination industry.

Many of these products hold the RAL –GZ 716/1 certification and come with 10 year guarantees when used in the prescribed manner. Because Taka specialise in profile wrapping adhesive they understand the importance of using only the best raw materials available and highest quality resins which are available.


Taka have become a major supplier of adhesive and primer to the UK profile lamination market. We can count many of the UK‘s leading systems and trade lamination companies as customers. Product is delivered either directly from Italy or delivered from the UK warehouse.


If you require more information on Taka and its products please do not hesitate to contact Profile Wrapping Solutions. For more information on Taka please take a look at their website www.taka.it


Our Pur Hot Melt adhesives are solid Polyurethane based adhesives, because they are applied melted they have to be applied above melting point with the help of specific application equipment. Used in conjunction with our primers our best selling adhesive Taka 1308.1 holds the RAL-GZ 716/1. All the Taka adhesives are available in 2 kilo 18 kilo and 180 kilo pack sizes


Primers have the function of treating the surface of the profile in order to make it adherent while removing any impurities. Taka manufactures different types of primers, including primers with a low environmental impact. Taka WPN is a primer which is classed as zero voc and holds the RAL-GZ 716/1 certificate when used in conjunction with adhesive Taka 1308.1. Taka primer WPN is used by many leading UK companies and has been used in full production for over 3 years.


Taka have developed cleaner blue a specific cleaner that will improve efficiency of the application equipment unlike the EVA based cleaners on the market. Cleaner blue is polyurethane based on materials which are compatible with PUR based hot melt adhesives.

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