Profile Lamination Synergy


On one hand there is WPR, an Italian leader in the technology sector and a world leader in the design and construction of automatic and smart systems for the wrapping of wood, PVC, aluminium, composite profiles and panels, thanks to an environmental-friendly and efficient industrial process that requires a careful use of resources and raw materials.

On the other hand, there is Taka, a company active in the research and production of top quality chemicals that create innovative Hot Melt PUR adhesives and primers that streamline the performance of increasingly sophisticated lamination machines, guaranteeing long-lasting results.

The outcome of this synergy allows WPR/ Taka to develop many technologically advanced solutions that cover all the possible operational requirements in the distribution, processing and service sectors connected to wood, PVC, aluminium and synthetic material profiles.

Some of the above solutions present technological advancements: the NWA system, ideal for the wrapping of wood, MDF or chipboard profiles with decorative foil or paper in rolls that is fully customisable with a wide range of optionals that contribute to increase its productivity, especially suitable for the wrapping of doorframes, cover wires, profiles and frames

The NWA 1350 is the system for the wrapping of wood, PVC and aluminium panels and sills with foil or paper. This wrapping machine is ideal for the production of doors and panels with CPL paper, PVC paper or other plastic derivates on MDF, chipboard, wood and plywood.

WPR’s leading technology is, without any doubt, the Luna system. It is a next generation automatic lamination system which is a ground-breaking machine offered by the company, representing the best technology available on the market.

This machine was developed in co-operation with some of Europe’s leading systems companies as the requirement to offer the customer more combinations of coloured profile and smaller batch sizes increased. The Luna cuts lengthy set up times significantly allowing a quick response to customer requirements.

The applied technology makes it easier and faster to program the machine, with maximum set-up times of 8-15 minutes; thanks to the automatic foil positioning and the exact glue dosing and primer application, the Luna also makes it possible to reduce production waste to a minimum.

It is versatile and efficient and offers a production performance that boosts the corporate ability to compete. Taka and WPR – naturally glued together Taka is a true leader in the market of moisture-curing polyurethane hot melt adhesives (HMPUR).

It also leads the way in innovation and the development of extremely reliable high performance solutions.

Taka offers extraordinary know-how and application synergies with its sister company WPR.

Three interconnected and modern technologically advanced production plants give the best solutions in terms of performance and quality, guaranteeing the complete integration of the production process. Taka has been co-operating for many years with leading universities in the research and development of materials, using a dedicated team of specialist laboratories, operators trained in polymer science and process chemists who all make it possible to scale up new molecules and materials. The quality lab, for a continuous monitoring of production, checks each batch.

The accurate selection of raw materials and the special interest in new technologies led Taka to develop a range of high performance Hot Melt PUR adhesives, for the internal and external use. The Taka product range offers outstanding performance and adhesive quality.

The latest production plant, on a surface of 13,000m2 (Taka 3), made it possible to double the company performance and for the group to invest heavily in research and development activities. The reward has been the improvement of adhesives and primers for a wide range of applications, such as the 2308.25P, ideal for wood profiles, kitchen doors and panels with excellent bond strength and perfect for difficult geometries.

There is also the 2308.40 for flat lamination, with low viscosity, low adhesive consumption and no strings formation during application and Taka’s edgebanding glues, the 3308.5 and the 3308.10 that allow work with different edges such as ABS, PVC, PET, CPL, paper and veneer.