Veka Invest in Colour


VEKA Group is known as one of the leaders in PVC-U window profile ystems. They are always looking on how to improve and create better solutions for their clients.

As part of this strategy, they have recently acquired a WPR Single Legth profile lamination machine, the NWS.300.7000. This WPR system gives them more flexi- bility in production and better response to customer demands of more foiled profiles.

The NWS.300.7000 enables PVC-U profiles to be lamina- ted in a fast and efficicient way allowing VEKA the pro- duction of small runs of their 29 variations colours and woodgrains with a quick set up time and only one operator.

With this new acquisition, the number of WPR machines of VEKA in the UK goes to 4, this is the first NWS system purchased for the VEKA group. “

We see it as essential due to the growth of foiled profiles in the UK” added  Mr. Parry

WPR/TAKA is a trustworthy partner since they manu- facturers the entire heart of coating technology. Melt units, slot nozzles, profile wrappers and adhesives this means we have one manufacturer responsible for all aspects of the wrapping process; ensuring that the qua- lity of the finished product is guaranteed 360 degrees.

“We constantly strive to lead the market with investment, product development and technology, and this NWS is a key element to continue this path”


Always on the cutting edge

Always on the cutting edge

Taka Srl, a specialist in the production of hot-melt PUR adhesives, has developed over the years a range of products for various applications, suitable for humid and hot environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and all areas where a high resistance to heat, humidity and steam is required. Its sister company WPR, produces profile and panel wrapping machines; together, they offer all- round service.

In the production of furniture made of wood, MDF, chipboard or honeycomb, an important process that completes the finishing is the edgebanding of the ennobled panels. The choice of the adhesive is based on the type of finishing (type and colour of the edge) and the shapes (straight, curved and softforming panels), but above all, on the resistance required by the finished product.

Taka offers the following edgebanding glues:

  • 3308.5: Transparent adhesive for the edgebanding of all types of panels (straight to soft-formed) where edges of various colours are used. Since the product is completely invisible, it allows to have a thin glue line and in the presence of edges of different colours,

the adhesive will reflect the colour of the edge, making the glue line disappear.

  • 3308.10: Adhesive of neutral colour, suitable for straight edgebanding with long open time and excellent grip. Great resistance to heat, humidity and steam tests, ideal for kitchen doors.
  • 3308.20 Taka has introduced this new neutral colour product into the market. It features an excellent open time and high initial grip, particularly in the presence of edges with high thicknesses 1-2mm. It also has an excellent stability inside the machine, especially during the weekend stop.

With the aim of being an active partner for its costumers, WPR/TAKA has opened the WPR/ TAKA Academy to transfer the fundamental

knowledge of the application process and the respective parameters in order to obtain always the best possible quality.

The academy has an application laboratory with an edgebanding machine for tests and training purposes, and it also offers training courses for staff that can be held at the customer’s site.

Quality is made of small details and great passion




  • High resistance to atmospheric conditions
  • High initial bond strength
  • Ideal for foils without plasticizers
  • Ideal for complex profile features

Renolit Exofol Professional Cleaner

Just the job in your daily life.
RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Cleaner.


Ideal for RENOLIT EXOFOL products, the perfect remedy for stubborn soiling.

Producing spotless work is now even easier – with the RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Cleaner. It has been developed specifically for our products and provides the ideal means of removing stubborn soiling. Abraded rubber? Adhesive residues? Building-site dirt? Pen marks? RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Cleaner leaves surfaces looking like new again in next to no time. Its impressive product features put conventional products in the shade.

Our Professional Cleaner – the benefits for you:

  • degreasing
  • anti-static
  • non-aggressive

This makes it ideal for surfaces coated with RENOLIT EXOFOL. Make the most of these benefits – you‘ll find they‘re just the job for your daily work. The Professional Cleaner is available directly through the RENOLIT­ Film Service.

Bespoke Solutions for second-to-none service


Thompson Coating Solutions is a market leader for highest quality products and second-to-none service available for the new build and refurbishment sectors.

The company’s mission, is to act on requirements for its customers and the latest legislation/regulations. It develops systems in the structural, acoustic, thermal and fire sectors, specialising in protective and decorative solutions.This is the engine that motivates the company to constantly look for technologies that help improve efficiency. As part of its growing strategy, Thompson Coating Solutions has recently opened a new production site to respond to the continuously increasing demand and to keep offering the clients the best products and quick service.One key element of this new facility, is a high end roller coater machine, that has been developed together with WPR in order to respond to Thompson’s specific needs.

WPR is an Italian leader in the design and construction of automatic and smart systems for the wrapping of wood, PVC, aluminium and composite profiles or panels, thanks to an environmental-friendly and efficient industrial process that requires a careful use of resources and raw materials.

Since WPR offers the complete package of foiling technology – hot melt units, glue heads and lamination machines – it has the knowledge and expertise to create bespoke solutions. WPR is represented in more than 25 countries on four continents.

Mike Thompson, owner of Thompson Coating Solutions, was very satisfied to work hand inhand with WPR to create the ideal machine forits specific needs:

“For WPR it was very easyto understand our requirements and develop aspecific system for our automatic productionline.”Thompson Coating Solutions confirms thatthis roller coater machine is up to its highproduction standards and will deliver excellentresults.“This is the second machine we have boughtfrom WPR, and we are confident that it willcontribute to the high quality of our products.”

A single partner for every application


Taka is a leading producer of HMPUR (hot-melt polyurethane reactive) and its sister company WPR produces profile- and panel-wrapping machines: together, they offer a 360° service.

Taka says it anticipated the requests of the market and has developed products that can fulfil any application requirement.

2308.28P – Profile Lamination – Excellent wettability also on difficult materials, such as paraffin-containing MDF, thanks to its medium-to-long open time. Its low viscosity makes it possible to obtain top quality finishes with an excellent peeling test and high production speed – up to 60m/min.

Strong bond strength
2308.25P and 2308.25PV – Profile Lamination – the strong initial bond strength of these adhesives solves the issue of CPL gluing also on profiles with quite complex geometries.

High gloss finish
2308.1T Flat Lamination – its special formula with a long open time makes it possible to attain top results in terms of shine/finish. Excellent adhesion to PET and PVC, without primer, with the elimination of the cost of primer application on foil.

Roller coater application
2308.11 Flat Lamination– Hot Melt polyurethane with a long open time – 10-13 minutes – developed for the production of flat panels with high-gloss foil, including thicknesses in excess of 1mm, with especially shiny results.

3308.20 Edgebanding– Versatility in the presence of different types of edges and thicknesses. Long open time and excellent stability inside the machine, especially during the weekend stop.

3308.5 Edgebanding – Clear glue line with long open time. Thanks to its special formula, this glue can be used on the edges, where the glue needs to be invisible.

During the years, it has also been used in the post-moulding of inside door stops, improving their water resistance.

With the aim of being an active partner for its customers, Taka opened a new plant at the end of 2016, the Taka 3 thus tripling its output capacity. The new application laboratory within Taka 3 is at customers’ complete disposal

Profile Lamination Synergy


On one hand there is WPR, an Italian leader in the technology sector and a world leader in the design and construction of automatic and smart systems for the wrapping of wood, PVC, aluminium, composite profiles and panels, thanks to an environmental-friendly and efficient industrial process that requires a careful use of resources and raw materials.

On the other hand, there is Taka, a company active in the research and production of top quality chemicals that create innovative Hot Melt PUR adhesives and primers that streamline the performance of increasingly sophisticated lamination machines, guaranteeing long-lasting results.

The outcome of this synergy allows WPR/ Taka to develop many technologically advanced solutions that cover all the possible operational requirements in the distribution, processing and service sectors connected to wood, PVC, aluminium and synthetic material profiles.

Some of the above solutions present technological advancements: the NWA system, ideal for the wrapping of wood, MDF or chipboard profiles with decorative foil or paper in rolls that is fully customisable with a wide range of optionals that contribute to increase its productivity, especially suitable for the wrapping of doorframes, cover wires, profiles and frames

The NWA 1350 is the system for the wrapping of wood, PVC and aluminium panels and sills with foil or paper. This wrapping machine is ideal for the production of doors and panels with CPL paper, PVC paper or other plastic derivates on MDF, chipboard, wood and plywood.

WPR’s leading technology is, without any doubt, the Luna system. It is a next generation automatic lamination system which is a ground-breaking machine offered by the company, representing the best technology available on the market.

This machine was developed in co-operation with some of Europe’s leading systems companies as the requirement to offer the customer more combinations of coloured profile and smaller batch sizes increased. The Luna cuts lengthy set up times significantly allowing a quick response to customer requirements.

The applied technology makes it easier and faster to program the machine, with maximum set-up times of 8-15 minutes; thanks to the automatic foil positioning and the exact glue dosing and primer application, the Luna also makes it possible to reduce production waste to a minimum.

It is versatile and efficient and offers a production performance that boosts the corporate ability to compete. Taka and WPR – naturally glued together Taka is a true leader in the market of moisture-curing polyurethane hot melt adhesives (HMPUR).

It also leads the way in innovation and the development of extremely reliable high performance solutions.

Taka offers extraordinary know-how and application synergies with its sister company WPR.

Three interconnected and modern technologically advanced production plants give the best solutions in terms of performance and quality, guaranteeing the complete integration of the production process. Taka has been co-operating for many years with leading universities in the research and development of materials, using a dedicated team of specialist laboratories, operators trained in polymer science and process chemists who all make it possible to scale up new molecules and materials. The quality lab, for a continuous monitoring of production, checks each batch.

The accurate selection of raw materials and the special interest in new technologies led Taka to develop a range of high performance Hot Melt PUR adhesives, for the internal and external use. The Taka product range offers outstanding performance and adhesive quality.

The latest production plant, on a surface of 13,000m2 (Taka 3), made it possible to double the company performance and for the group to invest heavily in research and development activities. The reward has been the improvement of adhesives and primers for a wide range of applications, such as the 2308.25P, ideal for wood profiles, kitchen doors and panels with excellent bond strength and perfect for difficult geometries.

There is also the 2308.40 for flat lamination, with low viscosity, low adhesive consumption and no strings formation during application and Taka’s edgebanding glues, the 3308.5 and the 3308.10 that allow work with different edges such as ABS, PVC, PET, CPL, paper and veneer.

Colour is the Key for Sean Doyle and Sons


Sean Doyle and Sons Ltd have become the latest company to invest in a WPR profile Lamination machine of the NWE series. Established in 1978 Sean Doyle and Sons are one of Irelands leading manufactures and installers of Doors and Windows.

Kenneth Doyle, company Director said:

“We have seen the growth and demand for coloured windows increase significantly over the last 3 years. So we felt now was the time to take control of this process and invest in profile lamination”

When we asked him about the decision making process he commented: “We carried out extensive research and having met Mike Dean (UK agent for WPR) we visited some of his UK customers to see the process at first hand. This helped us to understand that WPR were the best company to supply us machinery and support us through this venture”

The NWE offers high quality and performance for the lamination of small production batches of wooden and PVC profiles and panels. It is versatile, effective and therefore increases the flexibility, productivity and the competitiveness of the company.

As part of their growth strategy, Sean Doyle and Sons, have built a new profile lamination factory in Roscommon, near the existing factory and show room. The new lamination department was completed in late January 2018 and the delivery of the new NWE system took place in early February. A WPR technician was present to commission the machine and assist operators with the new process.

Sean Doyle windows have show rooms in Dublin and Roscommon and examples of their doors and windows can be seen at these locations.

WPR have supported us all the way and we use adhesive and primer from their sister company Taka. We are now in a position that give us greater control over the process and enables us to react quickly and efficiently to customer requirements”

added Mr Boyle

The advantages of flexible production


WPR Srl are always looking to meet our clients requirements and expectations. This is why we would like to congratulate our partners at Liniar on their latest acquisition from WPR, the NWS.300.12000 Profile Lamination machine.

Liniar needed a new lamina-tion machine to foil aluminium profiles for its Alumina door range, which has grown in volume since its 2017 launch. The NWS.300.12000 enables PVCu or aluminium profiles to be laminated in fast and effi-cient small production runs – ideal for the requirements of Alumina with its bespoke colour options. Thanks to a quick set-up, the NWS.300.12000 can be programmed and operated by a single person during production.

The innovative lamination process combines fast setting with excellent results in terms of quality and appearance – ensuring Alumina profiles perfectly match the PVCu profiles of Liniar windows. The NWS.300.12000 allows Liniar to respond to customer requirements by efficiently producing small quantities of laminated profile without the need to build large volumes of stock, and is an excellent addition for companies who already have traditional lamination lines or only need to produce small amounts of laminated profile.

Get in touch to discover on how to integrate the NWS.300.12000 into your production line

This is the fifth WPR lamination machine supplied to Liniar and we are sure this flexible machine will be an excellent addition to their state of the art lamination department!

Liniar’s Production Director Edward Webb commented:

“We choose WPR for our lamination machinery as the company is a market leader. The team is always responsive to our needs, and this installation was no different a technician was on site for four days to ensure everything was working perfectly.”