Colour is the Key for Sean Doyle and Sons


Sean Doyle and Sons Ltd have become the latest company to invest in a WPR profile Lamination machine of the NWE series. Established in 1978 Sean Doyle and Sons are one of Irelands leading manufactures and installers of Doors and Windows.

Kenneth Doyle, company Director said:

“We have seen the growth and demand for coloured windows increase significantly over the last 3 years. So we felt now was the time to take control of this process and invest in profile lamination”

When we asked him about the decision making process he commented: “We carried out extensive research and having met Mike Dean (UK agent for WPR) we visited some of his UK customers to see the process at first hand. This helped us to understand that WPR were the best company to supply us machinery and support us through this venture”

The NWE offers high quality and performance for the lamination of small production batches of wooden and PVC profiles and panels. It is versatile, effective and therefore increases the flexibility, productivity and the competitiveness of the company.

As part of their growth strategy, Sean Doyle and Sons, have built a new profile lamination factory in Roscommon, near the existing factory and show room. The new lamination department was completed in late January 2018 and the delivery of the new NWE system took place in early February. A WPR technician was present to commission the machine and assist operators with the new process.

Sean Doyle windows have show rooms in Dublin and Roscommon and examples of their doors and windows can be seen at these locations.

WPR have supported us all the way and we use adhesive and primer from their sister company Taka. We are now in a position that give us greater control over the process and enables us to react quickly and efficiently to customer requirements”

added Mr Boyle