Always on the cutting edge

Always on the cutting edge

Taka Srl, a specialist in the production of hot-melt PUR adhesives, has developed over the years a range of products for various applications, suitable for humid and hot environments such as kitchens, bathrooms and all areas where a high resistance to heat, humidity and steam is required. Its sister company WPR, produces profile and panel wrapping machines; together, they offer all- round service.

In the production of furniture made of wood, MDF, chipboard or honeycomb, an important process that completes the finishing is the edgebanding of the ennobled panels. The choice of the adhesive is based on the type of finishing (type and colour of the edge) and the shapes (straight, curved and softforming panels), but above all, on the resistance required by the finished product.

Taka offers the following edgebanding glues:

  • 3308.5: Transparent adhesive for the edgebanding of all types of panels (straight to soft-formed) where edges of various colours are used. Since the product is completely invisible, it allows to have a thin glue line and in the presence of edges of different colours,

the adhesive will reflect the colour of the edge, making the glue line disappear.

  • 3308.10: Adhesive of neutral colour, suitable for straight edgebanding with long open time and excellent grip. Great resistance to heat, humidity and steam tests, ideal for kitchen doors.
  • 3308.20 Taka has introduced this new neutral colour product into the market. It features an excellent open time and high initial grip, particularly in the presence of edges with high thicknesses 1-2mm. It also has an excellent stability inside the machine, especially during the weekend stop.

With the aim of being an active partner for its costumers, WPR/TAKA has opened the WPR/ TAKA Academy to transfer the fundamental

knowledge of the application process and the respective parameters in order to obtain always the best possible quality.

The academy has an application laboratory with an edgebanding machine for tests and training purposes, and it also offers training courses for staff that can be held at the customer’s site.

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