We are pleased to be able offer a range of adhesives for aluminium from the German company Weiss. Other products available on request.

Adhesive specialist for bonding in window and door construction

For more than 30 years now we have been working as an expert supplier for the window and door production business. The close contact and the permanent exchange of experience with renowned profile and system producers as well as institutes and professional associations enabled us to create professional solutions that were successfully established in this market segment. For a large number of small, medium-sized and major companies in the business of window production we have been a reliable partner in the segment of highly advanced adhesives for many years.

For frame materials such as plastic, aluminium, wood as well as for various compounds we developed a tried and true selection of adhesives and special cleaning agents as well as various care and service products over the years. We thus offer all products in the field of chemical connection technology that you may need to produce and service windows and doors of a very high quality.

Certified adhesives

A large number of our adhesives for the production of windows and doors have been numerously certified through expertises, test reports and certificates from various institutes, such as for instance through test reports by ift Rosenheim.

Instant Glue

COSMO PU-550.110

Only a few drops of this super-fast instant glue suffice for most applications in order to achieve powerful assemblies. The practical PE-bottles make possible a dot-like accurate application of the adhesive onto the parts to be bonded.

Thanks to its wide adhesive spectrum, COSMO CA=500.110 is suitable for a lot of different materials for many application fields in trade and industry and is mainly qualified for the bonding of diverse rubber and PVC surfaces (is excellent e.g. in the window manufacturing for the bonding of APTK / EPDM-seals and profile joints).

  • Particularly short setting times
  • Very high bonding strength
  • Hard glued joint
  • The substrates are good wetted
  • Quick initial adhesion to continue assembly work
  • Different viscosities and setting times possible
  • Good outdoor weather resistance
  • High cold- and heat resistance
  • Very good stability against UV
  • Bonding of APTK / EPDM-elastomers
  • Suitable to bond a lot of plastic materials, metals and wood, as well as other porous surfaces
  • APTK / EPDM-sealing in the window manufacturing (e.g. mitre cuts, butt joints with each other and PVC-hard- and aluminium profiles
  • Processing of plastic materials, elastomers, rubber
  • Toy Industry
  • Optical Industry
  • Jewellery Industry
  • Sealing technique
  • Wastewater technology
  • Metal construction
  • Vehicle manufacturing, aircraft construction and shipbuilding
  • Leather- and shoe industry, orthopaedics
  • Advertising technique and industry
  • Medical engineering / dental technology
  • Electrical and electronic industry
  • Production of household appliances


Film Property



  • 20g PE-bottle
  • 50g PE-bottle
  • 500g PE-bottle
  • 5kg PE-canister
  • 10kg PE-canister


Dosing cap or dosing tip
For 10g-, 20g- and 50g bottles

1-Part PUR assembly adhesive

COSMO PU-100.130

COSMO PU-100.130 is a solvent-free, gap-filling and multipurpose one-part polyurethane assembly adhesive with quick reaction time and viscous elastic adhesive joint. This adhesive is mainly used for the bonding of aluminium corner angles in the window and door manufacturing and is also suitable for different kinds of constructional and assembly bonding.

  • Tough-elastic adhesive joint
  • Solvent-free
  • Thixotropic, does not drop off
  • Expands (foams) during the curing process!
  • Joint filling
  • Fast and homogeneous, full hardening
  • Good adhesion characteristics to several types of wood, and building material, ceramics, metal, duroplast and thermoplastic after appropriate preparation of the surface.
  • If wood is glued, it achieves the durability class D$ as per DIN EN 204.
  • Can be over-coated with many paint systems.
  • Can be ground when hard-dry
  • For universal use.
  • Aluminium window and door manufacturing for bonding of corner connectors.
  • Window and door construction.
  • Stair construction and building trade.
  • With many assembly bonding processes.
  • Diverse industrial fields.
  • Corner angle bonding in the alumium window manufacturing.
  • Tested by the ift-Rosenheim with test report no. 50933382 of 25th April 2007, Examination of tensile strengths of bonded frame edges of aluminium compound profiles.

1-part moisture cross-linked PUR, solvent-free

Film Property
Viscous elastic

Medium viscosity – paste-like


  • 310ml PE-euro-cartridge,
  • 1000ml aluminium cartridge,
  • 600ml sausage

Special Cleaner

COSMO CL-300.150

Cleaner for powder-coated and anodised surfaces, quickly drying. Removes fresh adhesive residues from the corner angle bonding, dust, adhesive remainders from protection foils, was pencil, rubber traces, fresh PUR-foam and fresh remainders of sealing compounds, as well as tar- and bitumen splashers.

  • Non-dissolving
  • Good compatibility with a lot of different lacquered surfaces
  • Suitable for powder-coating and anodised aluminium- and PUR-profiles
  • Mild smelling
  • Quickly drying
  • Cleaning of powder-coated and anodised aluminium as well as diverse plastic materials
  • Preparation of the surfaces to be bonded and for the final cleaning of coating devices and component parts
  • Cleaning and dilution (adjustment of viscosity) of different adhesive systems

Mixed aliphatic hydrocarbons


  • 1000ml metal bottle,
  • 10l, 30l metal canister,
  • 200l metal bunghole drum

2-part Epoxi Adhesive

COSMO EP-200.110

This high-strength 2-part adhesive achieves constructional friction-locked assemblies with an excellent heat- and weather resistance.

  • Tough-hard adhesive joint
  • Thixotropic, does not drop off
  • Good weather-proofness
  • Can be over-coated with many paint systems
  • Can subsequently be power-coated (30min/+230 °C)
  • Features easy handling of tandem cartridge with static mixer
  • Cleaning of powder-coated and anodised aluminium as well as diverse plastic materials
  • Preparation of the surfaces to be bonded and for the final cleaning of coating devices and component parts
  • Cleaning and dilution (adjustment of viscosity) of different adhesive systems

2-part Expoxi reaction adhesive,

Film property

Medium viscosity – paste-like


  • 2 x 310ml euro-cartridges,
  • 2 x 1000ml PE-cartridges
  • 2 x 310ml twin cartridge

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