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Adhesives for Industry

Adhesive Solutions have nearly 20 years experience supplying adhesives for various industrial applications. Including Panel Lamination, Door Construction, Edgbanding ,Profile Wrapping 3D press and General Assembly applications.

We are able to supply customers any quantities or pack sizes they require. Our products are of the highest quality and used through out the industrial adhesive market.

Polyurethane Adhesives

As well as the Taka range of Polyurethane adhesives for Profile wrapping and panel lamination.
Adhesive Solutions offer a wide range of other PUR products to cover many other applications.
All our products are manufactured to the highest quality and are proven in the market place.

Edge banding Polyurethane available in Cartridges,2kgs,20kgs and 200kgs.

ASL EBPU1 is a polyurethane based hot melt with a short open time used for straight edge banding for solid wood lippings.

This adhesive is suitable for all types of edge banding machines and various types of materials applied via roller coater applications.

The adhesive sets on cooling and shows very good initial strength once total cross link has been achieved the bond is no longer reversible.

We have had particular success selling this product in to the solid wood door market and have another ASL EBPU2 available for 3mil PVC edging tape used in the fast growing PVC door industry.

Application temp :110c -140c
Process Temp :100c-130c
Feed Speed 10 80m
Coat weight: 100-120gm2
Colour White:
Density :1,10gcm3
Vicosity: 28000mpas at +120c

This product is also avialble in for use in Holz Her machines in cartridge size, 2 kilo blocks, 20 kilo slugs and 200 kilo drums. We can also supply the blue purge for this applcation.

Liquid Polyurethane Adhesive (Chippi Fix) 1kg bottles

We are pleased to announce we now stock "Chippi Fix" the high performance liquid moisture cure adhesive. This product can be used for various assembley applications and is a single component fast curing adhesive developed to give a high strength bond.

This adhesive can be used on many substrates including wood materials ,plasterboard,fiberboard and PVC. The ease and exceptional bond strength of "Chippi Fix" dramatically reduces fixing and assembly times.

With resistance to heat and humidity "Chippi Fix" is ideal for applications inside and out.

Chippi Fix Liquid Polyurethane adhesive is available in 1kg bottles and boxes of 6 bottles per box
We can also supply liquid polyurethane in 1000kg IBC containers

(We also stock the Chippi Fix D3 conforming waterbased adhesive again this is available in 1kg bottles We are also able to supply D3 adhesive in 25,200 and 1000kg IBC Containers)

Solvent Free Moisture cure 1 comp Polyurethane Adhesive 310ml cartridges

Our product ASL PURADD is available in 310ml plastic cartridge and can be applied using a skeleton gin.

The has very good adhesion properties to many substrates including pretreated metals such as galvanized steel,high grade steel, undercoated steel thermosetting plastics such as DKS,PS,GF-Polyesters,rigid PVC,ABS wood and cemented materials.

This adhesive can be used for many different applications but we would always recommend as with all products that full adhesion test is carried out before use in the actual production process
We are extremely competitively priced for large quantities of this high quality polyurethane product.

HOLZ HER type machines Edge banding cartridges

We stock Pur cartridges as well as standard EVA cartridges which are used for Edge banding on Holz Her type machines. These are available in various colours i.e Black, cream, brown. We can also supply the blue purge cleaners for this application

Hotmelts Adhesives

Edge banding
ASL are also supply filled and unfilled EVA adhesives for edge banding these can be applied via roller coater or slot coater. These adhesives are available in 20 kilo bags or 1000 kilo big bags

Profile Wrapping
Due to customer demand and to complement our Taka range of Profile Wrapping Pur
We now able to offer a range a filled and unfilled hot melt adhesives for all profile wrapping applications. We also offer the range of WPR profile wrapping machines and equipments.

We also carry stock and are the UK agents for Zinser Gmbh Hot air equipment which are used on the profile wrapping lines.

Other Products

Watebased Adhesives
ASL also supply 3D press adhesive either as a premixed product or a 2 part product again this can be supplied 25 kilo containers or 1000 kilo IBC's.

We are also able to supply you with a range of water based adhesives including D3 and D4 accredited products and also foil laminating adhesives and again in small or bulk quantities.

What ever your industrial adhesive application Adhesive Solutions will be pleased to offer you a competitively priced high quality product in quantity

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Telephone Number 08443358439

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